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Playing music with 5.1 speakers. How u centre speaker??

Good afternoon everyone,

I have some 5.1 speakers (Cambridge Soundworks DTT2200) and an Audigy Player 5.1 sound card. When i play music, i only hear the music from the front 2 speakers and the rear 2 speakers and not from the centre speaker. How can i get music to play in the centre speaker also? :confused:

In the sound and audio properties (found in the control panel). I have the Speaker settings set up to 5.1 surround sound speakers.

In the creative surround mixer, i have the speakers set up to 5.1 speakers also :confused:

I really appreciate all your help and time

Thank you :)

Alex :cool:
Thank you Goatman :).. i had to install Creative MediaPlayer to get it working *i tried minimal installation :eek:*

The link helped out perfectly

Thank you once again

Alex :cool:

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