Play Video Games? Take 15 mins to answer a short survey for me. Mega reps!


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April 20, 2008 - The survey is now closed.


Hello everyone,

I'm looking to collect responses for a short (and unscientific :p) survey on video games from people that play video games.

Here's the link:

Muchos gracias!

P.S. Just reply in this thread if you fill out the survey so I can give you your earned reps. ;)
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LOL, were you the one that answered this one? :D

1. How much time do you spend playing video games per week?

4 – 7 hours

2. On what video game machine do you primarily play on?

Microsoft Xbox 360

3. Do you play video games online with other players?


4. Why do you play video games?

Cuz I am a loser.

5. What are your three favorite video games?

Game 1: - Halo Game 2: - Halo 2 Game 3: - Halo 3

6. Why did you pick these games instead of others?

Cuz I am Masterchief

7. How do you feel WHILE playing a video game?

Like Masterchief

8. How do you feel AFTER playing a video game?

Like Masterchief after an orgasm

9. How have video games impacted your life?

I have become Masterchief

10. What do you think of the media's portrayal of video games?


Comment: Video games allow u to become Masterchief. The media loves Masterchief or anything starting with Master such as Masterbate or Masterchef.

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