Platinum !live and crackeling sound



I've updated with all the newest drivers from creative, still the sound is crackeling. When ever I open a program it does it. but when its sits there with nothing running its fine. Open a program does it, close one, does it. When im playing music it even worse. i really cannot work and play music at the same time, it drives me nuts. Could it be a memory issue? I have 256 megs, and it didn't ever do it when I ran 2000 pro. HELP!


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6 Dec 2001
Where is your soundcard placed...if it is anywhere next to a harddrive controller card or your video card you want to move it.. I've learned if possible it's best to separate the soundcard away from other cards so there is no interference.

Had it next to my vid errors...had it next to my Raid controller got cracking during HD I put it all by it's lonsome and wallah! not a peep but clear sound :)


set ur PCI LAGRENCY to 0 in bios..if u dont have the option in BIOS

go to n look for a program to set the pci lagtency to might help u :)

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