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Couple quick questions for everyone out there. I am looking into getting a pioneer DVR-A03 DVD-RW because I have to tendency to scratch my DVD's and I would like to make copies of them when I first buy them so that I will have a "backup" if one gets scratched. One question is this, I have a Sony DVD-CX850D 200 disk DVD player and it doesn't read CD-R's. I am wondering if the DVD-R's that I burn will work in this DVD player or any DVD player or if they will only work in the burner itself? I am just curious as to if anyone has experience with this burner and if so, do the DVD-R's that you burn, work in your home theater DVD player(particularly Sony). Thanks in advance for any replies.

You'll need to look in your DVD player(particularly Sony)'s documentation. See if if will take a DVD-R... mine will accept CDR's, but I'm a ways a way from a DVD burner, so I don't know if it's rated for those... point is... depends on the DVD player.

If that is the only reason you are buying a DVD burner DONT!!!!!!

A DVD burner WILL NOT copy DVD' will not copy the area of the disc that specifies it's original region and it will not copy dual layer discs which most of the movies are, so if it does copy, you'll only get half the movie, sorry man

You can make your own dvd's that will work, but not copy DVD's =/
Originally posted by Qumahlin

You can make your own dvd's that will work, but not copy DVD's =/

Care to elaborate. Thanks

ok i'll make i'll elborate the quick and dirty of it....

First problem -

There is a section of the DVD that is ALL the way next to the inner ring, it contains the region information and content protection...current DVD Burners CAN physically copy this section but due to the DMCA (Digital Millenium Copywright Act) they are not allowed so until someone hacks the firmware of a DVD burner to allow this you can't copy that section....

without that section you CANNOT play the dvd in your normal DVD player

Second Problem -

Current DVD burners DO NOT have the ability to copy a DUAL-LAYER disc....this dual layer is important...they can copy and create a DUAL-SIDED, but not dual layer...most movies nowadays have DUAL-LAYER, this is so after half the movie you don't have to flip the DVD like you use to have to do with laserdiscs...So even IF you cracked the firmware to copy the content protection and'd only get HALF the movie!!!!

However...if you don't mind watching DVD's on your computer you can always use a DVD ripper program to copy all the *.vob files to your comp...then burn them onto a DVD, and watch it on your computer using a program like zoom player or such, but this will not work to make it play on a home DVD player

Hope this clears up any questions...some people might say i'm bs'ing or such, but if you want to waste anywhere from 399-699 on a dvd burner to prove me wrong go ahead :) My neighbor has a DVD burner and also in a back issue of Maximum PC they dedicated like 7 pages on the different DVD/rewritable formats coming and showed the limitations of each and how each is specifically made to NOT copy movies

You can make your own data DVD's from stuff on your harddrive fine, you can also use a program such as DVDit, to make personal movies from video files into a DVD that will play on home units
Thanks Qumahlin.

Does anyone in this forum actually have this pioneer burner?

If it is a Single Layer game and you have a playstation 2 modchip (which are now very hard to find) yes

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