Pioneer dvd rom playback problem in xp

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by doobie, Mar 25, 2002.

  1. doobie

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    Please help me. I've just installed Windows xp and power dvd xp, but I cannot get my dvd rom to work. Power dvd seems to seek out the floppy drive each time. The dvd rom is a pioneer 105

    Can anyone help?
  2. Raven76

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    There is a setting in the configuration area of Power DVD to set the default drive letter. However, Power DVD has a bad habit of changing it back the first few times after it's set.

    Also, you may want to check the properties of your DVD-ROM in Windows and make sure it is recognized as a DVD-ROM.

    It would also probably be best to install the ASAPI layer for Windows XP. The ASAPI layer allows ATA devices to interact with software such as DVD and CD-RW software. Sometimes it's needed, other times it's not. You can find the latest ASAPI layer from Adaptec in the downloads section of this site.
  3. doobie

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    Thanks for speedy reply

    Thanks Raven. Away to try that now
  4. acidance81

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    hi guys, i'm having a similar problem with my plextor drive
    and believe i need to download the asapi drivers also but
    you say they are available in the downloads section and i cant seem to find any downloads section?
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