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Pioneer DEH7400MP For Sale


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Hi all,
Firstly happy New Year to you all!

Right after the huge success of selling my audigy2 platinum through the forums, I thought I would try selling my car stereo head unit.
Its about 2 years old in perfect working order, supplied with all the original leads, packaging manuals etc.
It feature a large and very clear OEL screen (with multiple displays including left/right levels, background animations and the famous pioneer dolphins & Formula 1 movies)
This unit can also read mp3s from CDRs/RWs supports a massive range of bit rates and even variable ones. It is capable of reading different directories and even shuffling/repeating tracks just inside that directory.

It’s a great unit and I am asking for £100
Anybody interested ? :)



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what kind of harness does it come with (if any) and is there a remote it comes with?


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The harness is pioneer to ISO and also has all the pre-outs, phone muting connectors etc, there is no remote included as standard. I bought one but have not decided if i want to sell it yet :-/

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