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My sister would like a mini iPOD for her birthday which is on 8th August - now may parents could order her one from but they were heading to the US soonish and I was wondering if they could pick it up cheaper there and bring it back to the UK.

I know there maybe extra costs such as import duties and maybe a socket converter, but is it cheaper in the US than the UK by much at the moment?

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I think they are mate, I was gonna get my dad to pick up a 40gig ipid last time he was over, he was in frys about to buy it for me, but I told him not to :p

think I am spending enough this month!


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They're £180 in the UK(?), You can pick on up in the US for around £125.. depending on the state it's bought in and state taxes etc. Getting it back is the problem really. A friend of mine bought me an iBook in the states (Saved ~£200, yummy) and simply left the box behind to bring it back, I can't imagine the iPod Mini box being that large (I know white iPod boxes are nice and small) so it could probably be stuffed into a suit-case and bought back that way. As long as there's no proof of purchase (ie: indication it's brand new) you should be ok, I'd imagine people carry electronics in the original packaging all the time, after-all, it's quite safe that way.

In short: You WILL get it cheaper, IF you don't get screwed on import tax on the way back.


i agree with speedy, most of the time they dont check the if you dont have proof it is new. Will your sister be against having it opened? or at least the outside plastic? that might help and if htey ask, just tell them you keep it in the box for safe keeping


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Thanks for all the info - I don't think she would mind it opened, my parents are definately going to declare it though if they went this route as they are completely honest.

The main question is would the import tax push it over the edge?


Just buy it in England if it's purpose is to be used in England or Uk I should add.
Which ever country you wish to use it in buy it there.

UK V.A.T. is 17.5% anyways, other places in Europe upto 20%.

What you want to do is just hassle. Why Pink also, why not Ferrari red or racing green?

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