physx on 8800gt


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22 Oct 2006
i've been trying the lastest forceware beta drivers that enable hardware physics on nvidia gpus

and made a small vid of ghost recon advanced warfighter 2 to show it
looks sweet, and not noticeable performance drop (tho i think there's a small one with warmonger, free game based on the ut3 engine which is a bit heavier than this)

anyway.. here 'tis
Yea I have been running those drivers for awhile, they are awesome!

Nice video.
yeah... that feature (and the hot temps of the 4850 without touching the bios) made me go back to nvidia :]

oh, and thanks.. i was gonna rep ya but i need to spread it around xD
yea haven't used an ati card or anything but Nvidia for awhile, and it wasen't even because of this lol
There shouldn't be a noticeable performance drop in any game, as it uses the extra gpu to make the calculations. But I agree, nvidia really has it going on with the 8+ series(still the most cost effective series :p) Unless AMD comes out with something amazing I dont plan on ever going back to them
yeah, its real cool

but zeke.. what about games that stress 100% of the gpu, shouldnt those be slower when adding physics calcs? i mean, if there weren't any extra gpu to spare
just wondering hehe, dont really know for sure

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