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Physic Gaming


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Old news B =)

Only about six games can take advantage of it right now.

Dell now offers the card with the XPS 400/600 series.


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Yeah I saw those, looks pretty damn sweet. Cant wait to see what the PPU's can actually do. You need to take all this PR stuff with a grain of salt.

Have you read about the Nvidia proposal to use an SLI setup to compute Havok physics stuff? They said it would work with a single card as well, but you would really need an SLI setup with top tier cards to get a real benefit from it.


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madmatt said:
Old news B =)

Only about six games can take advantage of it right now.

Dell now offers the card with the XPS 400/600 series.
Wasen't talking about the cards and technology itself, but the video...


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I'm not doing that well tonight, my apologies. Anyway, it is exciting. Once more games start taking advantage of the card it will be well worth the $250.00 asking price.


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i'm sure that once they're OUT..... more and more games will support them. there's already quite a few coming out that are gonna be using it..... 2 of the more popular ones being UT2007, and GRAW. I'm probably gonna pick one up either when they're released, or shortly thereafter.

and the FPS will probably be achievable once the game is released if you have the PhysX card. you have any idea how much strain it'll relieve from the CPU? that's a lot of calculations to do for so many props.

edit: you can also go to this site, PhysX by Ageia's website, and see the real-time footage. has a side by side comparison of GRAW with and without the PhysX card, a video for Cell Factor, as well as a video showing fluid dynamics in Bet on Soldier. gotta click the side-by-side pics to play them..... the one for Cell Factor you have to click "I'm old enough", before it'll load, and then for both Cell Factor, and Bet on Soldier, you'll see the play buttons when you have the cursor over the picture.


is that ever a remarkable difference for GRAW or what?
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I just can't wait to get my hands on this card, and start playing games with it. It's amazing how well it looks and just everything.

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