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PHP +Mysql question


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I am making a site that books cottage rentals. On my booking page i accept a check in and check out date i verify that they are valid dates, not in the past and that the Checkout date is greater then the check in. Im stuck now because i have to check my availability table to see if those days interfere with someone else's booking. I am having a hard time so i turn to you people of OSNN. Please. Is there a function that checks for overlapping in php or mysql. Or does anyone know some code to fix this problem. Thanks.
Something along the lines of

SELECT * FROM bookings WHERE cottage = '5' AND checkin BETWEEN :client_checkin AND :client_checkout AND checkout BETWEEN :client_checkin AND :client_checkout;

Replacing :client_checkin and :client_checkout with the checkin/checkout dates specified by the client. Try throwing that SQL at some test data and see if you get the response you are looking for.


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That somewhat works but if the "stupid" client was to put a day in between the Arrival and Departure Date? i checked and that would fail the test. I'm surprised MYSQL doesn't just have function.

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