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photoshop icons snafu

Ive had this annoying little problem for ages now, even after many windows reinstalls. I kinda learned to live with it but am curious if anyone has any ideas? My saved photoshop psd files eventually end up using different file icons. (Some of which Ive never seen before). After installing windows and all my apps, I can go a couple of months with everything fine, then the icons suddenly start changing on the desktop or in their folders, even without any new programs being installed? If I rename the file it goes back to its proper form but eventually it will change again? Ive attached a pic to show you.

All the files shown are psd's. The left ones were just renamed and snapped back but the right ones are still using incorrect icons. Its using icons from basically every other program I have installed so its hard to figure out where the problems coming from. Appreciate it if anyones seen this before and has a fix for it. Other than being annoying it really doesnt affect anything else.

btw if it matters. Im running xp and Ive checked for viruses and spyware but it comes up clean.
Well I think what's going on is that Photoshop uses a preview of the file as an icon. Open up one of them and see if the icon looks like the file itself.
... :rolleyes:

I assume you knew that, DitchHopper, as everyone else here does too. except, cough, some people who will remain unmentioned...

anyway, I have seen this problem before, so you aren't alone - when I was still using Millenium Edition (yikes!) I had this problem towards the end, reinstalled, worked for a while, then freaked out again. The problem didn't go away until I got XP, but that makes no difference to you since you are running XP anyway. So, with that... I have no idea how to help. at all. although if someone does, I wouldn't mind knowing how to fix it either, for future knowledge

I'll look around to see if I can find anything, but hopefully one of the resident gurus can help more
Heh ...yep I knew about the preview, like I said the files on the left are showing correctly.

Just noticed this though, as mentioned above when I rename a file it snaps back to the correct view, but if I rename it back to what it was before, it once again shows the incorrect view? I dont recall having this problem before sp1 came out, wonder if thats got somthin to do with it? <grasps at straws>


Not sure if it is related or will help. You could try to increase the icon cache.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

"Max Cached Icons"="4000"

copy into notepad, save with .reg extension, then rightclick - merge

Next refresh the icon cache (TweakUI).
Didnt there used to be an edit button here somewhere? <looks around> Just out of curiosity, why did this only seem to affect photoshop? Nothing else has ever had this problem?

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