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Photo Album Software

Hi im looking for a photo album software that makes it available for web sites (creates HTMLs)... I alreayd have adobe photoshop album 2.0 but it doesn't really give you good templates and you can only chose really dull background colors. I want one thats customizable and allows gradient colors and things that look unique and creative. Money isn't an issue.
yeah ih ave imagestation its just that i can't make a link to it and the only way other poeple can see it is if i send an invitation and i don't like that


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I never heard of something that creates an album for websites. If there is thats really cool, unless you use like msn.ca and yahoo to make a website, they let you make a photo album on there sites, but you can't really make it your own. If you know what I mean, if you have ever used there wedpages.

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