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My Friend is looking for a good phone for under 200 dollars new without a contract (basically off ebay). Anybody have any suggestions, He wants something as close to the 8925 as possible, though I told him that he couldn't find that phone new for near 200...

Basically anything "cool" with productivity, and as far from the razr as possible.

anything by HTC :)

I'll probably repace my iphone with an HTC device on windows mobile 7 or a google android device around december next year when my iphone contract expires :)


Mr. Bananagrabber
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A blackberry maybe ?
Blackberry is probably out. I'll check with him, but I think he wants something more fun. I know HTC is great but they're expensive, even my 8525 on ebay would be over 200 dollars...
Im trying to find him a cheap unlocked touch as of now, but any other suggestions would be great still.


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Unfortunately the Tmobile G1 is running $200 as an upgrade for existing customers who are 22 months into their contract and are willing to extend 2 more years. Is $300 for customers who are not eligible for an upgrade but are willing to extend their contract for two years. Scheduled to be in preorder customers hands Oct. 22nd.


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Another vote for HTC. I sold my Tilt for $300.00 on eBay (it was about eight months old at the time). I will likely be selling my TyTN II and Touch Dual as well, but I'm looking for far more than $200.00 on these.

I'm up in the air. I want the Touch Pro or Touch HD.

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I am planning on getting the Sony Xperia X1 when it comes out this week, not that you can get it for the price you have quoted though (without getting a contract).


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To preorder as an existing customer you have to agree to a two year extension. I ordered one despite some reservations re: the design and features. I will do a review when I get it (10/22).
Hubs has he HTC Touch and LOVES it. He's able to keep up with work, even on the go. (Review)

I have the Instinct and I like it a lot. I'm pretty sure you could find one on Ebay in your price range. It doesn't run Windows, but it's pretty darned cool! You can see my review of it here: Samsung Instinct for Sprint

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