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Performance Analyzer?



I was reading up on some posts and someone mentioned that MADonions Test are pretty much not what they actual companies use to test their products. So it got me thinking what programs and tests are used to find a score of your system. Im a little distraught cause I shelled out and got a nice system ( check specs in sig) and my friend bought an overclocked p4 1.6A system with the same amount of RAM using Kingston DDR, and a Geforce 2 overclocked, the mainboard was ASUS I think. Anyways he beat my CPU and memory score by a lot, and not that im competing in any way it just made me think I payed just as much as he did for his system, maybe 50-100 $$ more on my components and the extra 200$ for a vid card (g4) and he has this overclocked workhorse and beat me out... Its sad that those who overclock these days get away with so much...

Also can anyone please explain to me the Gigahertz Scheme? I dont get how a Athlon 2000 competes with a p4 2.2 ? What is the definitive way both companies went about this ?


Well there's only so much you can do. Do you like to tweak your system? Not overclock. Just changing settings to get better performance. Then download a program called x-setup. Just type in x-setup in the yahoo search engine and go to web site and download. It will show you all the tweaks. Have fun!

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