pentium 2/3 socket?


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If your motherboard is a Slot 1 kind, it will support Slot 1 Pentium IIIs (the Katmai cores, not the newer Socket 370 Coppermines)
depends on the max multiplier on the mobo. but like netryder said... u wont get a fcpga pentium working in it cuz it has a fsb requirement of 133mhz and most p2/3 mobos have a max fsb of 112mhz (plus ive tried in the past lol)

i've got a slot 1 coppermine p3 running in this. QDI reckoned my mobo wont take a p3... hmmm (mind u, they also said it wouldnt take a celeron over 366mhz but I could get a 566 in it easily)
is it possible to borrow one from someone/somewhere? if only for 10mins - at least you'd know if it worked then?

you may need a BIOS update too
I kinda meant if you could borrow a cpu...
I'm guessing that with a compaq mobo... you own a compaq case? if so, what model compaq is it? I might be able to find some information of use...