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Is it just me, or are Peer to Peer applications for the Mac OS a complete disgrace?

I mean, I've used various applications in this field and find that they're all complete shambles with (in my humble opinion) problems ranging from interfaces that are to complex for "average users" to the applications clogging up bandwidth causes massive internet connectivity problems.

What do other people think?


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Yeah, I haven't found much since I started using a Mac. I do use Azureus for torrents though, and am very happy with it.

What all have you tried? I'm wondering so that I know what to stay away from. ;)


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I've had no problem at all. I'd avoid Azureus though, to be honest. Version caused kernel panics (Essentially the Unix equivalent of a blue screen) which is quite hard to do, and the first time I'd ever actually seen one. The new version seems a bit more stable, but I don't trust it and it's locked everything up for me once already.

The official client is quite nice, the only reason I never used to use it was because it didn't utilise more than one torrent per client/window, which it now does, and it does it nicely. So that's what I use now.

As for those inferior P2P networks (Gnutella, Fasttrack, OpenFT and OpenNap) I use Poisoned, available from which does a great job and is very simple to use.

For eDonkey.. well, whoever uses eDonkey needs a slap, it's a hideous network, but some do, and therefore there have been clients made. The only one which I can vouch for having tried it, would be mlMac: personally it wouldn't do anything, it just sat there saying connecting, however I've never been able to get eDonkey to work :p

If you want to check out alternatives to the one's which I've mentioned, then hop on to


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heh, never ever been able to connect to the eDonkey network. I use Poisoned also seems to do the job, only problem is i can never really get full bandwidth on my downloads so i use it very rarely. As for torrents i use the official bit torrent client works nicely as dave said i used azeurus but it cause numerous kernel panics and overheating.


I may actually be insane.
Poisoned is just on crap P2P networks which is why you'll rarely get a decent speed, unless you're able to find something a lot of people are sharing.


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Well I've tried...

1. Limewire - When its good for me, its really good, when its bad, I contemplate genocide... usually its not good >.<

2. Aquisition - Tried various versions, always ended up massively loathing (sp?) it

3. Poision - I'm test driving this one at the mo' - its nice - but like Speedy said, the network is a bit lame :(

4. X-Nap - Oh .. my ... god ... it crashed so often it drove me mad.

5. Bit Torrent - Meh... same as LimeWire, though I hate it as I often find that people downloading from me get much higher speeds than my download speeds and, theres not really much for Mac :rolleyes:

Anyhoo - this is just from my experience of the apps - they might work better or worse for other people .. *shrugs* :)

Update 1 @ 13.37. Bit Torrent is serverly annoying me... I could, and really want to use stronger words, but I suspect a Mod' would delete the message. I am infuriated by lame ass download speeds, and not being able to cap other peoples upload speeds to something more appealing like 10K instead of 21K and above.


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Hey Scooter, I know that Dave doesn't recommend it, but you might try the latest release of Azureus. I haven't had any kernel issues with it myself. The greatest thing is that you can configure everything. You can cap UL/DL speeds, and I get an average of 200KBps down on a regular cable connection. Also, make sure that your firewall is opening port 6881 for the network... this will allow you to take advantage of maximum bandwidth.


Random Apple Dude
Well. Given that it is Java based.... and no good can ever come from Java (aside from EvoCams streaming page, you know what me means Speedy, don't you ;) ) .... I shall try it... and if it doesn't work, or breaks my computer, I shall be expecting a new G4 iMac by Monday

*Cue people telling me I should be asking for a G5*...*cue my response to sticking to my roots and plan to have a G3 machine, which I do, a G4 machine, which I do, and god willing, by the end of next year, a G5 machine* :D

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