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PC Wont Boot Up : lsaas.exe Err


OSNN Senior Addict
Hi. My notebook won't boot anymore after I had installed NIS 2007. It crashed to blue screen. I was able to momentarily boot to safe mode but during loading of files it went blue. I saw lsaas.exe error something. I know I can use Recover by using the cd but what else can I do?

How can I fix this? Thanks.
Do a recovery install and remove NIS. Norton stuff has caused more problems than it has fixed since it was bought by Symantec.

A good alternative would be Kaspersky Internet Security.


OSNN Junior Addict
Also, lsass.exe failing upon Windows startup is a sign of a certain worm to which the name escapes me, but I've seen it quite a few times.

Once your NIS is removed, trying doing an online scan such as Panda Activescan to check for anything malicious.

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