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PC vslef starting = scarry!


The Voices Talk to Me
Yes you read the thread title correctly. It happen yesterday. I shut down my pc, it was totally turned off with the exception of the PSU switch, I was eating dinner for a good 5 min., there are no lights on, on the PC. Then all of a sudden the PC fired up! It turned it's self on! Scarred the **** out of me! After it booted I shut it off again, but that time it stayed off. It was freaky!
Ha, it happened to me once with my old dell, in the middle of the night.

With my speakers turned on high.

Scared the crap out of me :p
Could be:
- Wake on LAN
- Wake on modem
- Wake on timer
- Wake on cat (or other pet, save fish) stepping on keyboard
or even
- Wake on random idea that waking would be a good idea
Pretty much anything can start an ATX computer up if the main power is on. Provided the specific function is supported and not disabled of course.
my gf's pc tended to start on its own etc while a c-media pci sound card was installed some time ago. it started when I replaced the sound card to the c-media... and stopped when I replaced that with a SBPCI128. Some PCs tend to have a mind of its own at times lol

it is usually because of a power surge or something similar though that it happens.

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