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Pc Upgrade


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I have decided to upgrade my pc as it is getting a bit old. I am upgrading my hard drive,Graphics card, processor,Ram and case. My current setup is:

Graphics-Radeon 9000
Motherboard - Asrock k7vt2
Processor - AMD athlon xp 1600
Ram - 512mb

I am looking to upgrade to:
Graphics - ASUS N6800/TD/512M Geforce 6800 512MB
Hard drive- Seagate ST3160212A 160GB 7200RPM
Processor - AMD Sempron 2800+
Case - Casebuy MIO-733 Gaming Case and 350w
Ram -Crucial 512mb DDR 333MHz

All this comes to about £300 on ebuyer. can any1 see suggest any better upgrades 4 the money or c any conflicts between the 1s now any help would b useful as i am ordering this afternoon. thx


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The case, of course you will have no problems, but there are better cases around, like coolermaster and antec, but a case is a case. I'd go for more ram, cause 512 to 512 isn't an upgrade, and these days you should have at least 1GB.

Seagate harddrive prices are alright, you might also want to check out some Western Digitals, there very good and well priced. I'll let some other people answer the rest.


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It is pointless getting a 512mb video card of the version you have selected.

256 mb should be more than adequate and will be about the max that gpu will be able to utilise effectively.

With the savings, see if you can kick up some other component.


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Just to clearly state I was talking about RAM on the motherboard, Sazar is talking about on the videocard...


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technokid88 said:
Go big on RAM, I would try to find a mother board that supports ddr2, and buy 1 gig or more.
He would have to get a different processor as well.


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he would have to go intel if he wanted ddr2 right now.. or could wait until june-ish when amd comes out with the AM2 socket..


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Just to state i meant upgrading 512 so all together i would have a 1gig (ram)
Also i am getting a new case a Casecom KG-868 ATX wiv a 550w PSU.


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I decided against my original choice and gone with: Graphics_ 7600gt
Processor - amd athlon 64 3000
Motherboard - Ecs socket 939
Hard drive - 80gig
Ram - 1gig

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