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PC Pictures - Post Here


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Hello Everyone,

I am going to be a regular member of the boards now,
I have enjoyed this site for a long time and only recently looked at your forums and it seems pretty kool.

My Idea:
Ok if you have a look at http://www.overclockers.co.uk/

Check out the forums there. There is a post saying case mods.

Now I thought I would start one on this site if you guys wanna.

I will start it off with mine, pretty basic but looks pretty decent!


P.S Post Yours Too PLEASE! :D :cool:


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skazzyuk: Please resize your pic, it's pretty big and those that use dial-up will have to wait forever for the page to load.


FYI...You only need to start a thread once :)

Electronic Punk

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Do beer cans count as case mods ?

Seriously tho, I got a sweet case with funky rounded coloured cables, I just need to buy some perspex and a few light strips...


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Bring those Digi cameras out with the spiderwebs

Come on guys get your cams out and start snapping this is your chance to show your boxes of magic to the whole world. or erm if your scared and got some 386 sitting in the corner using more electricity than a microwave then erm stay out of this post :D


Adam:) :p


this is my case - to be honest I'm more bothered about what's inside it!

it was very cheap (about GB£35) & I only realised when I had built the PC inside it that it is supposed to look like a Nokia mobile phone!! Cheesy as you like!

I actually quite like it now - it's sort of kitsch..
wish i had a cam

i got a blow hole on the top
80 mm fan blowin out
intake on the bottom fron
another 80 mm fan
all the rest is closed off
and its sittin beside a vent wid ac :D


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Come on Guys 'n' Girls

Come on boys and girls get those pentium 1 beast snapped up and put on here,

Get those cheap old cameras out and burn off a few films WE WANT URE PIC'S:rolleyes:

Adam :D

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