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PC is unstable

My pc is unstable. every minute the pc stops responding mouse doesnt move programs stop responding and then after 30 secs it comes back to life. did a nav scan and it found a trojan couldnt delete or fix it but put it into the quarintine. then the problems for a while stayed away, then it came back :( pc stops responding and a new thing is that my dvd drive is dissapearing. i dont get this cause now when i do a nav scan it doesnt find anything. so is the trojan still on my pc, messing with it. also have problems with booting. sometimes its does it perfect, sometimes it takes 4 times to get to the desktop :( i hope you can help me with this, cause i have now idea how to fix this and i dont want to do the format if there is another way out.
thats another problem :( i forgot to write it down somewhere and the file isnt in my quarantine anymore so i cant get the name of the trojan anymore.... gonna look if i can get a list of trojans at symantec to see if it will remind me of the name...
Physically remove the DVD drive and try to load. If its dissapearing as you say then the Drive may be failing and the computer "freezing" may be windows trying to access it.
Originally posted by TheBlueRaja
Hey - Just a thought to make your life easier - to test if its your DVD drive, just pull the power socket out the back of it.
thought about that :p will test that option tomorrow :)

already ran a check with trojan remover and it didnt find anything, so i guess i can say its not a infected file on my pc....

But the question remains what is making my pc going haywire. any other ideas besides the drive i should check or try....
Open Task Manager if you can at some point and click the processes tab, then Click on CPU so that the Programs currenly using the majority of the CPU appear at the top, when it stops responding - see if anything max's out the CPU. But TBH im pretty sure its gonna be your DVD drive or your Hard disks because thats exactly what happens when this type of fault occurs.
nope did some tests and youre right. pc is stable and a ssson as i try to acces my drive it becomes unstable...

tried to use my cd catalog program which scans the drives at startup and everytime the program starts up the pc frezes and hangs :(

So its the dvd drive. Gonna vacuumclean my pc check all the contacts to the drives, hope that will do any good since i dont want to buy a new one :p
opened my case to vacuum-clean it and checked the wiring and guess what the powercord to the dvd drive was really loose and almost fell out of the drive... really dont get how that cable could be so losse since they are always stuck thight in the drives?! So i guess it was the drive failing because of a power shortage.

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