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PC is hot



Hey everybody

I don't know why - but my PC is hot.
I mean, it gets hot really fast after I turn it on.
I see some of my friends' PCs and they all a lot colder than mine.

What can be the problem ?

The placement of the case?

Problems inside the case?

How can I know?:eek:


F@H - Is it in you?
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what do you mean hot? how hot is it/the chassis?

the fan RPM...

please post mate...


Yea, the chassis
I don't know the specific temperature but I do know the temperature is strange..


F@H - Is it in you?
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without some details mate how are we suposed to help

do you have any pc monitoring software?

let us know about the temps when you get the software mate...


just leave your case open for ventilation and have a fan blow at it, thats what i do with my computer haha
intel d850 gb mobo
i think its the same as mine
with it you get a cd
that has some programs on it
one monitors temperature and other things on ur mobo
install that and tell us the temps


Originally posted by FoSsiL
just leave your case open for ventilation and have a fan blow at it, thats what i do with my computer haha
That's exactly what I do, the comp in my sig runs nice and HOT! Always has, hottest room in the house regardless of what I try, about to order some AS3 and see what that does, and then order an AX-7, and a panaflo 80mm, just gonna keep toying with it until I have it right.


if you pplz have athlon computers, i advise you to leave your case open because the athlon burns up very quickly especially if you dont have ac on in the summer. if you worrie about dust. it goes into your comp with or without the case on, just dont drink next to your comp. I have an athlon computer too and after doing this, my computer is running smooth without any freezing problem now


This seems to work with Athlon 2100+

CPU receives direct airflow from AC duct with fan and another duct.

This provides great cooling to CPU and since the air that comes from ac can go down to like 12 degrees Celsius the room temp does not affect CPU temp as much. I don't keep my case this way all the time since it can get quite loud. With this setup and Volcano 7+ at high, CPU can be at 35 degrees when fully loaded



I use to have a problem with my AMD being too hot, until I took off the cpu fan and cleaned out the heatsink. Doing that solved the problem.
I direct the air-con at the CPU tower. It's not left on like that all day long, I do switch it off from time to time and back on again. It *does* seem to help. My room temperature is usually around 27 degrees celcius average and higher, without the air-con on.

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