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PC Drive Reaches 500GB



PC Drive Reaches 500GB

Drive capacity soars to a new high as makers begin to turn to a new recording technology.

Hitachi's new Deskstar 7K500 drive marks several milestones in the storage industry: It's the first desktop hard drive to reach 500GB and one of the first to use the speedy new SATA II interface. In terms of how it stores data, though, the Deskstar may be among the last of its kind, as drive manufacturers begin to approach the limits of how densely they can pack data using today's standard recording technology.

Demand for greater capacity continues to rise due in large part to a growing need for music and video storage on PCs and consumer electronics devices. To meet that need, storage vendors are turning to new recording technologies. The first of these, perpendicular recording (see "How It Works: New Drive Technology" ), will debut from Toshiba this year.

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ming said:
What on earth do you guys store on your drives??? I can't even fill up my 80GB that I've had for 2-3 years now. lol :p
Obviously full length Lesbian porn films.


I may actually be insane.
700GB here, got around 300GB free, only have that much space so I don't have to upgrade again any time soon, future proofing... sort of :p

Would be nice to replace all 4 drives with a 500GB model though. :D :D


The Voices Talk to Me
the only thing that bothers me about drives that large is that it takes a very large drive to back it up. I couldn't imagine losing 500GB of data, even the thought of losing 10GB of data is a nightmare to me.


My mom thinks I'm cool
My comp crashed 2 week ago and I lost about 6 gigs of music and about 120 gigs of videos. It was hell! Especiall since Norton refuses to put my music back!
I have 830GB in one of my machines, and it has about 420GB free.
Most of it is programs, graphics designs, music, site backups, Some DVDs I found for free on the net... :)

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