pc did somethign weird?


aka prodj88 =P
2 Jul 2002
i was just running norton, msn, and winamp and then everything got slow. so i was like wtf!!! then i did alt ctrl delete and i saw that the PF usage was 752!! i was like wowwwwww! then i closed winamp. then it went to 170? IM SO CONFUSED ON WHAT HAPPENED. im beginning to think theres a virus or some window typo's going on here!


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perhaps you should look at the processes tab...

more specifically at the memory usage of winamp.exe
mmd3 is a big skin too :)

see if you have the same problem... click on the processes tab and have a look/see @ what is using the most memory...

you seem to have enough system memory to be able to handle things @ the moment...

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