PC connected to LAN slow down ..?



I have this weid problem..

I have a small network at home.. And I have a 1Mbit DSL connection... Which works fine all the time, download speeds are very fast.. But as soon as I connect a laptop (Kazza running on this laptop!!!) on the network hub, I notice a descrease in speed.. Both the download speeds are noticeably slow and also surfing the web gets slower.. Like loading webpages.

Ok, I understand that the bandwith has to be shared between the connected PC's but I don't understand why the PC I am working on gets slower too.. Even simple task as browsing the web is slowed down..

Your help is much appreciated :)

A few specs:

Laptop is P3 933 with 128MB RAM.

There are 2 PC's: Both P4 1700Mhz with 512MB RAM, and enough Hardrive space.

Internet connection I have: ADSL 1024Mbit downstream / 512Kbit upstream

The 2 Pc's and the laptop are connected to a 10 Mbit network hub, the hub in turn is connected to the ADSL modem which is also a Router.


You said Kazza is running on the laptop. Your being slowed down by other Kazza users connecting to your files. You have a nice connection for doing P2P filesharing. You can send at half the speed you recieve. My connection is 1.5 Mb downstream and only 128 kb upstream. I notice a big difference when I am sharing P2P. The reason is that a request has to be sent out by your browser so that data can be recieved. A webpage comes in in pieces. Each image is seperate. Each request has to compete with traffic going to the P2P users. That means that there are fewer requests being sent by your browser for a given amount of time. Therefore, your browsing is slowed by the P2P sending data. This slowdown probably isn't consistant. If your sending at the maximum rate it's slow. If there isn't anyone connected or they only have a dial up connection you won't notice much or any slowdown.

I use a little program called Naviscope that shows realtime speeds, and displays info about each transfer. It uses a small bar to convey info about each piece of a webpage. It can be found at Naviscope.com

You may be able to throttle your connection in the Kazza program to only allow a certain level of bandwidth to be used. Leave yourself enough that your browser can send requests without being bothered and your problem will disapear.


Thanks psychic51 for the reply...

Let me add a few more things..

Well, I have disabled sharing of files with other users, so no files are being shared.. Still the connection slows down.

Another thing I noticed is that, when I click on a link then it takes just a few seconds before the pages is loaded.. So, its like a little delay .. But when the laptop is not connected, then the page loads instantly, without any dalay.

But, that only happens when the laptop is connected and running Kazaa..

I run Kazaa on the PC aswell, but I notice no decrease in speed, and even though files are being shared with other Kazaa users..

What bothers me is that decrease in speed only when laptop is connected. The moment I disconnect laptop from hub, the pages start loading with lightning speed... (like someone pressed the turbo button)


Try running Kazza on your PC and see if the laptop slows down. I'm not as confidant that Kazza is the culprit. Reversing the load and seeing if the laptop slows down may be a good way to diagnose the problem.

I'm looking at the router, but it should be able to handle the traffic through both connections without trouble.

Right now you got me stumped. Maybe someone else will offer an idea.


you should also note that kazaa runs spyware tools .. and once you connect you are still sending and receiving data. via kazaa even though you have turned off sharing your files are still shown to other users on the net.. but they cannot access them..


sicn2k is right. There is still traffic through the connection that is still being accessed by Kazza. When a search is done by someone it has to get to your system so it can repond to it. I don't think a firewall would help since the traffic would still be hitting your system.

I'm not too familiar with Kazza, but I have heard about it being used to deliver spyware and stuff. It doesn't come through the network, It's in the origional install.

I used Limewire for a while, but now I'm using Blubster. If I went back to the Gnutella network (Kazza, Bearshare, Limewire, and a few others use the same network) I would probably use Limewire.

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