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Is there a website or place I can post my PC Specs and see if I was to install this linux, what problems I might have, etc etc etc. All details I could get on it.


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Re: PC Capatible Linux

Alright, small question before I post other question and specs.

There is some program on windows (system tool), where u type something in, or something and it gives major details on your system, full length details.. What is it? I forget

or if I'm mistaken, what can give me that detail, anything.


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Re: PC Capatible Linux

If you have word, excel, etc, Got ohelp and click about then click system info.

Or go to help, type in system information, select get information about your computer.

Or just download cpuz.exe and use it.

An easy, safe way to check for linux compatiblity is to download Ubuntu (or another bootable CD distro) and burn a copy to CD. Then boot from that copy in yourCD instead of from your windows HD.


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Re: PC Capatible Linux

I have an Ubuntu Live CD, but how does booting into it show my computer being compatible. Yea if it loads into it, works!, but doesn't show if all software will work great, wireless, resolutions etc etc etc..


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Re: PC Capatible Linux

The three main areas to check with compatibility are graphics, sound and networking. You have an nVidia card, so that is ok. The sound is done via intel-hda alsa drivers [I have the same onboard sound]. I am not sure with the wireless card, you should be able to get it to work, I am not sure if it would work out of box.


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Re: PC Capatible Linux

bman, I guess to have answer to all of the many possible question regarding
compatible hardware for Linux. check out the link I provided. It should provide you with all of your hardware answers. :)

Linix Hardware-HOWTO/


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Re: PC Capatible Linux

thanks, another question..

if I wanted to run Wine, and have programs like Photoshop running under that.

How much RAM do I need to have it run at normal speeds and such?


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Re: PC Capatible Linux

You have 1GB that should be fine. You might want to try a live CD first and check your compatibilities and it will let you test out linux without installing it.


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Re: PC Capatible Linux

Yes, but you wouldn't be able to test out having Photoshop installed on Wine with a Livecd, or things like that.


That dosen't matter anyways, I'm sure my system won't have many problems.

I just would love it to run amazingly. I know I can post on the Ubuntu forums, I do have an account there, but it's easier here. I get a reply better and faster.

How hard is it really, to get Wine installed and running programs in Ubuntu. Also, is there ever going to be a version of Ubuntu that has it setup on install.
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Alright, so I am running the LiveCD of Ubuntu 7.04 and it seems that my Wireless Network worked off the bat. It's working great actually.

I am wondering though, is this just because its a LIveCD on top of my Windows. If I went and wiped XP and installed Ubuntu, would it work right of the bat again?

Also, it got my screen resolution right away too, I am impressed!


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Yes, it would work perfectly, hell the Live CD does not even touch Windows XP in any way shape or form. Why would a Linux distro want to go rooting through an NTFS partition looking for the registry to read the resolution of your screen when your screen using DPMS will just tell Ubuntu what the optimal resolution is :p.

BTW, if you install Ubuntu, make sure to install the nvidia drivers as well so you get 3d hardware acceleration.


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Well, I am just researching and trying it out.

There are still a few things that are keeping me with XP, such as games.

Even though I don't play many games anymore, I guess it's mainly just the fear of not having Windows anymore. Scary lol


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Have you ever thought about dual booting.
As you allready have XP installed you can use the live CD to do an install and it will automatically partition your hard drive for you, if you have a spare hard drive you can also load it onto that and GRUB will take care of which OS you want to load.
If you like what you see with UBUNTU, try Linux Mint, it is UBUNTU with the video & audio codecs allready loaded and the Nvidia or ATI graphics driv ers can be loaded with two clicks in the GUI through Envy.

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