PC 3500 Kingmax RAM on my A7N8X 2.0...


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21 Jun 2002
I just got 2x512 sticks of PC3500 Kingmax memory from Newegg... all the the reviews there gave it high marks, so I decided to pick it over the PC3200 Geil Golden Dragons... however I pop them in and Windows fails to start... I've tried even with the timings at 8,5,5,3.0 and it still won't start... I've tried using all the combinations of slots, trying one stick at a time and they still don't work... is it just bad memory? I find it odd that both sticks won't work... I also tried upping the voltage which didn't help either...
That board only supports 400 mhz mem not 433
could be the problem.
try and update the bios b4 returning though might help

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