Password protected HD??

Hi, When I had my old HD, to access my windows session I had a password.
Now I reinstalled windows on another drive and computer (new computer)
and my old drive as slave, but I cant access my documents..
How do i access my data on my drive?? XP says access is denied... please help, I have my password so is there a program that asks me for it and i can access my stuff??
Booting my computer with that HD frezzes my pc



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HD file password protection is tied to a hash table created by the operating system installed on that HD.

When you move the HD to the new computer and boot with a newly installed OS the old hash table does not apply.

You can not boot from the old HD in the new computer because it has the wrong MB drivers installed.

You need to put the HD back into the old computer and turn off the password protection. Then move it to the new computer and password it again if you want to.

You could try and update the drivers on the old HD for the new machine but that is risky and may make the hash tables completely unusable. I am not sure if this will work. The hash table may be tied to the physical machine the password was created on. Making recovering data from a removed HD difficcult is intentional. It is part of the security system.

You could also install the HD in the old machine and transfer the files to the new computer over a LAN.

You skipped step one in upgrading / building a new machine. Back up all your data files, software liscences, etc before doing anything else. Be very careful what you do or you could loose all your data.
yeah, thats the thing, i forgot i pw protected "my documents"
And now my new computer is pretty much my old one, but everything changed. I guess I'll have to set it up in another case
Thanks anyways
I just can't believe there is not a program outhere that can access a PW protected folder... I have the password,so there's gotta be something i can do and put the HD in slave and try to access the folder I need and it can ask me for the password and i would enter it in..
What did microso$t think of by doing this???

What if my motherboard blew up and i had to get another one?? I would have to reinstall windows??? that doesnt make any sense
And what about people that connect USB HD's and protect their stuff?? they can't access it if its not on the same computer?
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Ok well it's not complicated to get my info.
All you have to do is right-click the folder that is denied and select "sharing and security">security>advanced>owner
and then you choose the new owner rights...That's all there is to it.

I couldn't believe that once you pw protect a folder you can't access it without having the same OS/hardware

Maybe this should be a sticky?


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That is why when you want to password protect on Windows you use a 3rd party tool that does not have those limitations (TrueCrypt for example)

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