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I have for all my life, never made partitions ever on any hard drive, i have always had a hard drive as one large partition...

i now own a 120GB WD hard drive and I want to partition it and am unsure on how to go about this...

please could someone post in this thread and aid me :)

Many Thanks



Penguin Rancher
If it is a blank drive with no information on it, you can use FDISK with no problem. It is a command line utility that allows you to delete and create partitions. FDISK can be accessed from the command prompt by boot disk. DO NOT use the windows command prompt to access FDISK.

If you have information on the drive that you need to keep in tact, I recommend a program called Partition Magic. It is a windows or command line based program with a graphical user interface, and it is extremely easy to use for partitioning. It's not a free program, but it is well worth the price if you need to partition frequently or need a very easy way to partition.


Well, ive got data on there :)

and ive got Partition Magic 8, just installing now...


btw, im running xp pro
It's a peice of cake with Partition Magic.

Only thing to remember is after you set up your new partition and think you're done, you aren't.

You have to hit the Apply Change on the lower right. It will come back and tell you that you need to reboot to finish the change. At this point nothing has been done until you reboot. If you just exit at this point the change is skipped.

As for the initial setup select the new partition button on the lower left and follow the wizard. It will take you step by step and provide help information if you want it.

Go forth and multiply (your partitions).


Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
Make sure you create the two floppy rescue disks for PM. I also never make changes from within windows but boot up using floppy #1, inserting two when prompted & make the changes from there. (Once the disks are created I find no use for loading PM into windows. Disks are all I use.)

Be careful, take your time & all should go well. :)

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