partition size



i have a sixty gig hard drive and would like to partition it
what size should i give to windows
i would like to assign a small part to photoshop as a scratch disc
and the rest to programs and back-ups

any help will be great



well windows xp does take up about 1GB. why not do 3GB just in case. for photo shop i really dont know, give it 10 just in case cuz graphics are really big. so u left with 47 for the rest :)


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if you have your boot drive less than 8 x gig format it FAT32 for better performance

if you want to use NTFS the partition is better off being larger than 10 x gig

my preferences for a single 60 gig hard drive would be

all formatted FAT32

C: 7 x gig : - XP & Apps'
D: 3 x gig : - Pagefile (photoshop is a heavy user of the pagefile)
E: 30 x gig : - Big installs ( like games)
F: 15 x gig : - Storage & Backups
G: 5 x gig : - for your scratch pad


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Fat 32 is icky. If you turn off your computer the wrong way stuff gets corrupted...NTFS doesn't do that all that much...


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If you turn off your computer it will run a scandisk which is good :p

My XP has NEVER crashed :D

Now that its running on FAT32 it's more responsive

NTFS is only of any use if your usage has outgrown FAT32



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well that makes a lot of sense

save up your pocket money & get your self some proper software

Highly recommend PowerQuest Drive Image 2002

really simple to use - even you could master it

:p :p :p


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If you have the software (Partition Magic 7 for e.g.) you can keep your drives just big enough. When it comes to operations like cleaning up and defragging etc.. these operations become quicker (rather like ploughing a smaller field).

If you need to have more space just make a new drive or an existing one bigger - very easy.

I've never had any prob's with PM7 and I'm no expert.



I have 1 40Gig for Windows, 2 *40Gigs in Raid for video editing. 20Gig for Mp3s and a 20Gig as a dump drive for downloads. All 7200 spin ata 100's. But i think it just over kill. I used to have lots of partitions but i think it easier just to buy new drive coz they are so cheap now.


"I disable windows restore also. I use Goback, but, I'm not sure how to create restore points with it"

When I used GoBack I would simply restart my computer to create a restore point.

But as TwoZig reccomends, Drive Image 2002 a great program, and is probably the 8th wonder of the world. (a bit much you think?)


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Hi Bold

8th wonder of the world. (a bit much you think?)

you like it so much eh

I like it to Bold
next to XP pro its the best piece of software I've got

Essential if you like experimenting

:p :p :p

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