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Parallel Wiring Schematic Help?


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I'm trying to wire a parallel port and I need to know what wire color goes to which number pin. You would think that this would be easy to find but Im having absolutly no luck what-so-ever. Thanks!!! :cool:



Windows Perfectionist
heres what I need/have:

I have a parallel cable male on both ends.

cut one end off

treaded the wire through my case (which is why I did this)

now I have a 25Pin Male connector and a big wire with 25 little wires in it that need to be soldered back onto the male connector

Get it now? :cool:


Windows Perfectionist
Well, I tryed to run it through the pci slot which was the only place I could run it out the back but the connector was to big to fit though it so now this is what Im faced with


Sick of it all.
well, I tried to find a link for a general schematic, but no luck, maybe hit up the cable manufacturer and see what they have to say for them selves, or google it with cable make and model # if you still have it.
good luck.


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Try here ---> link <---

Also this one ---> link <---

And this one ---> link <---

Have fun. :)

But next time go through an expansion slot in the back. Bend the tabs above and below so as to make the hole wider at an angle. Then push the Parallel Cable through but doing so slightly sideways. Once it's through, straighten out the tabs.


Windows Perfectionist
These are all good links but they still dont have exactly what I need. These links all tell me what each pin is used for. Ex. +Data Bit 0 & -Data Bit 0 Return (GND) but none of them tell me which color wires go to which pins??
Ex. green w/black stripe >>> Pin 5
blue w/black stripe >>> Pin 7


Admiral Michael

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Not all cables have the same colored wires. I suggest a continuity meter, go thru each wire (clip one end to the cut end and somehow stick the other into the plug) and record what wire goes to what pin.

Sidenote: if you cut it shouldnt there be some wire still left on the plug you cut off?

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