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pandora commercials getting worse then fm

Perris Calderon

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I guess it couldn't last, pandora is getting more annoying then fm for commercials, today while driving to the beach I had a commercial every 3 or 4 songs

also, does everyone get christmas music all year long?

I can't believe they put christmas music in my rotation this time of year


.. Commodore ..
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i did notice that, Perris. That is one of the reasons I quit listening to Pandora. I like to sky.fm now, it is pretty good.


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If you are in the US take a look at Grooveshark. As for Pandora, pay them the small fee to go up to their paid tier no more ads at that point!


F@H - Is it in you?
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I pay for Pandora, have done so for almost 2 years and have my subscription for another year and change. No issue here with ads or quality and song selection.

If you are getting a weird mix, check the desktop application, you can cross-match a few different channels and see if that makes it better.

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