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Panasonic: my new most HATED manufacturer


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I 100% absolutely LOVE PANASONIC products...

but here is the story behind what makes me want to burn their factories down:

I was in the process of trying to purchase a Plasma or LCD, after looking at literally a few hundred of TVs and Monitors all above the 36" mark to figure out what was the best display both with and without a tuner, and then figure out which one I wanted to purchase...

I originally decided on: an LCD see the THREAD HERE well wouldnt you know I found a plasma that was just as good and a consumer reports best buy/top pick whatever they call it which was: TH-50PX50U which won the top spot on CNET as well... and then the 8th generation Plasma with a different substrate the TH-50PX500U came out... Hmmm lets see would I pay the extra $600-800 they wanted for the newest and best HDTV Plasma to ever hit the market... DUH of course I would...

LONG STORY SHORT... Panasonic dropped the price so much that this TV was selling for at the same price as its younger sibling, and is selling so well, that the next expected release of another shipment is not expected for another month at a minimum.

I had one on order and they NATIONAL back order on this plasma is so bad the company who I ordered it from dropped this TV from their product list to avoid backlog complaints... I originally bought this for $3600 SHIPPED With Whiteglove treatment, into my house, and the price drop affected the national prices of so many other Plasmas, that Panasonic is waiting until they can MASS release the TVs so that the demand will squash the overpricing now seen on the internet only 3 months after its release is as high as THIS

Now I know this is supply and demand at work, but when a company affects the entire TV Industry, and can not keep up with the demand for the product, they should be willing to BAN or BLACKLIST any company who then decides NOT to sell the TV... thats just HORSE CRAP..

Ok Im done

/rant over... :mad:
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Cancel the order. Do a stop payment. Call and complain to no end.

Use this line till you get the answer you want. "I want to speak to your manager."

I have talked to the high ups in many companys by doing this. FedEx is paying out the @ss now for two lost shipments, for time down and mileage, etc.. into the thousands for two $90 shafts.


Because I wouldn't take "I'm sorry for any inconvinance we may have caused" for the final answer.

So in a show of good faith they are paying and I talked to Shashauna Williams at 5:30 on a Saturday about them having all departments checking for them at Memphis.

They found one the following monday.Then gave it next plane out priority.

I have found this to be effective in 99% of cases.


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It doesnt work for companies who decide NOT to carry the item, most of them are only ditributors, who get contracts to sell and move the merchandise.

I WISH it was as simple as a shipping fapaux,

This whole mess was caused by Panasonic... I have called Panasonic numerous times, and I get nothing but were sorry, this TV is on a national Back order... well NO SH|+ SHERLOCK!

Grrrr... good thing I dont work for USPS...


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