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ok i am going to paint a case and i just want to know what the people think is better, hte paints i have are all primary colors, BMW matalic blue and silver, glossy black, or any sugestinos?


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I would go with a nice flat black. Then coat it with a can of mirage paint (found in an aresol can at your local fred myers) this will give it a nice color changing effect. After this is completed apply a nice even coat of clear coat (also known as top coat) This will make your paint very shiny and last longer. You can also add some flames or pin stripping as I have done here. These arnt that hard to do and only take time and patients. Also you might want to use primer before you paint the case. Any aresol can of primer will work. Here are step by step instructions from a guy who works at a body shop. first you will want to lightly sand every inch of the painted surface till its not shiny. Scuffed as you will. Next tape anything off that is to not be painted. Next apply very thin coats of primer until the whole thing is covered (optional step sand primer down to insure flat painting surface) the reason you primer it is because primer acts as a bonding agent for the paint. This means your paint will stick more and not mar as easily. Next apply very thin coats of paint to you primer. It is very important you do this step in about 5 stages until the color is opaque. The reason for this is with aresol cans if you dont use small coats with 5 minute intervals they laquer in the paint can sink into the primer causing to to lift. When you are sure you have everything covered you can either tape off some flames or a design and repeat the same step again to the desired area or you can move on to the clear coat. This to is down in about 5 stages. Due to the high content of laquer in clear coat you will want very small coats with 5 minut intervals inbetween coats to nsure no lifting is present. After let dry apoximatly 15 hours before handling, prefferably in a hig ventelated WARM area. After you may cut and buff or leave. Thank you for your time :0)


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