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Paint Shop Pro Version 7.04 Anniversary Edition


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This great new Paint Shop Pro 7 Anniversary Edition celebrates a decade of providing digital photographers, Web designers, and home and business users with the most powerful yet easy-to-use tools at an affordable price.

Paint Shop Pro 7.04, filled with powerful, easy-to-use tools for editing and enhancing digital photos, creating and optimising Web graphics, drawing, illustrating, and painting.

Paint Shop Pro 7 Anniversary Edition is packed with free tools and resources...
Buy Paint Shop Pro Anniversary Edition at 50% of the retail price. Offer ends 31st December 2002.

Paint Shop Pro 7 Anniversary Edition
Source: The Inquirer


I use it all the time. Great deal, thanks Jewelzz. I may have to get a second copy for the back up system.......
Originally posted by Jewelzz
If whoever orders this would order a copy for me as well I'd appreciate it :D :D :D
when I read the title the first thing came up to my mind that Jewelz will buy dozens of licenses to dedicate them to us...is not this chrismas or what? :rolleyes: :p

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