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Pagefile problems


Delta Phoenix

My computer has been being really annoying lately. I'm not sure if the pagefile has anything to do with it, but I've noticed that the pagefile is fragmented and is not placed at the beginning of the hard drive. Defragging doesn't help, the pagefile just stays in the same place on the HD. My programs take longer to open and close and I don't know what I've done to cause it to go so slow.

The pagefile is broken up into 2 sections which are very far apart on the HD.
give us more information about your PC specs.
also go to run and tpe MSCONFIG, on startup tab you must see some programs that are not necessary.


Delete the Pagefile.sys file from your system and re-start, XP will re-build the Pagefile on Boot-Up


If this just started I'd suggest looking in msconfig and see if there's something starting you aren't aware of. I'd also download and run either ad-aware or spybot. And of course a full disk defrag (which I assume you've already done - but just in case....).

Also, how did you go about defragging the Pagefile? What are you pagefile settings? How much ram do you have?

Delta Phoenix

Here's a rundown of my system:

1.9 GHz P4 Northwood
512 MB RAM
64 MB ATI Radeon 8500
80 GB Western Digital HD

Those are the basics. I also checked my startup list in MSConfig. The only programs running are Updreg, type32, DirectCD, navapw32 (Norton AntiVirus), point32, and ctfmon.

I use Norton Speed Disk to defrag. I list the pagefile as one of the files to move to the front of the hard drive, but it doesn't do it. For the first 5 or 6 months of using that program it would move the pagefile to the very front but now it specifies the pagefile as being unmovable. I tried using the disk defragger in WinXP to do it but it still didn't move it. I did have the pagefile set to 1500 MB but since I've been having problems I have it set to system managed which is at ~770 MB.

I haven't done anything or installed anything on my computer to make it do this so I have no clue where to begin.

Delta Phoenix

I've been keeping an eye on my memory and CPU usage. Either I have a memory leak or there's something else going on that my computer doesn't like. Explorer.exe can sometimes use as much as 30 MB of RAM. Some programs (the most noticeable one is KaZaA) use my CPU sparadically. KaZaA will use from 50 to 65% of my CPU. But it's not constant. Every second it will shoot from around 3 up to anywhere from 50-65, and then back to 3, and back up, etc...

This is becoming annoying :eek: :eek: :eek:

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
Came across page defrag the other day. Have not tried it yet. Might do something for you.

[edit]Don't worry about it. This thread is where I foung it.[/edit] :rolleyes:

Also I have my direct cd turned off in msconfig/startup. It starts itself when needed.

Delta Phoenix

I defragged the pagefile and then defragged the HD. The pagefile isn't fragmented anymore but it's still near the middle of the HD. My system files are also scattered all over the place and they won't move to the front. I'm really considering formatting but I really don't want to.


OSNN Gamer
1, you'll never get the pagefile @ the front of the disk unless you put it as the first file on a different physical hard drive

2, if your system files are scattered all over the drive that would mean your on NTFS - yes ? if so its NOT going to happen

if you want your directories placed @ the front of the drive - the only way I know how to do it is : - install XP on FAT32



OSNN Gamer

yeah forgot to mention A boot time defrag with perfectdisk or diskeeper will defragment the system files differently depending on the filing system your using.



On my PC's I use 3 separate partitions:
1. Windows and Programs
2. My Documents, media, and other files
3. Swap file/pagefile

This stops the pagefile from getting fragmented. It also decreases the fragmentation of the windows partition since it is not changed that often.

I use this method on all my PC's from my 486 laptop to my XP desktop machine and I've noticed they run faster and more stable than before. It also makes it easy for me to format the windows partition to reinstall windows without losing any of my documents and mp3's

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