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page file needs to increase when shutting down



can anyone help a mate of mine, who has this problem with his laptop.

and the problem is?

Well every time I shut down my computer, I get a warning dialog box appear.

"Warning: Virtual Memory minnimum too low: Your system is low on virtual memory.
Windows is increasing your virtual memory pagefile. Durring this process........"

Now,this never appears while i'm using the machine, just when I shut it down.
It has only just started to happen, and I have not installed anything new.

I have defragged my HD, and defragged the pagefile using PageDefrag v2.2
I then shut down the machine, and no warning. Next time back, it pop's up again!
So I then logged my performance counters on my paging file, and nothing pushed it over 1%
I have fixed the page file at 500meg.
I have nothing running in the background other than Norton Internet Security and Norton Anti Virus.

I have the following system:
Gericom 1GB celeron laptop
sis630x Host bridge
Sis5595 South bridge
sis630x VGA device

I am running Windows XP pro, my memory dump file is Small(64k)

How can I be running out of virtual memory, and what can I do about it.
Where can I turn off the warning broadcast in regedit?



lol, you start the post as my friend has problem, but change to you!!.. is it yours or ya mates!!??

Try letting Windows manage the swapfile, or set it to 768, 768 seems to be the recommended.


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agreed :D who the heck is it...

also remember when you run out of virtual memory... it is your hard drive space (or your friends, whichever, its the same thing) that is almost all used up... winxp and some apps do tend to use a lot of virtual memory... last time I checked I had about 1.5 gigs of free space :) so I am doing ok... ofcourse I set all my settings for pagefile my self and for virtual memory usage...

let winxp handle it for you and it should solve most of your woes...

and decide whose sys this is going to get tacked to :D


just to clear things up, the post was a copy of an email i recieved,
from my mate , asking me to post it on the forum for him and my mistake , i should of explained it better!

anyway chears for the comments and perhaps this will help him out,

Derek Martins

Paging file error

I am having the same problem with my paging file...

Athalon XP 1800+ Chip
MSI k7 t266 mobo
SCSI 20g SEAGATE system drive
IBM 40g 7200
W.D. 40g 7200
Fireball 40g 7200
RPC-1 VM-3100pro soundcard (24tracks)
32 gforce video

When I boot it says virtual memory low, paging file is set too smal or missing....
Then i try to fix the settings and nothing happens when i reboot...
i got the updates,

Compjuter is in standard pc mode.

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