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25 Jun 2002
I need help in recovering my system. Last week it started crashing occasionally, mostly when I was trying to write to a DVD/RW using Nero's InCD. A few times I was surfing the net when it happened. The BSOD appears only long enough for me to read something like "page fault in non-pageable area".

After one of the several crashes yesterday, XP automatically ran Chkdsk on my D: drive (my HDD is a RAID0 (striping) consisting of 2 Maxtor 500GB SATA II drives and contains 3 partitions, C, D, and E). Chkdsk found several problems and corrected them. I was able to boot XP and run Chkdsk on the E: drive. I then tried to run Chkdsk on the C: (boot drive) and was told that it would have to be scheduled after a restart. I restarted my system and went away for a while. When I came back about 30 minutes later Chkdsk was still running. It turns out that Chkdsk was running and as soon as it ended it tried to boot XP. XP issued the BSOD and the system restarted and ran Chkdsk again.

I pressed a key to stop Chkdsk from running and XP then issued the BSOD and restarted my system. I can't keep the BSOD on the monitor long enough to write down more of the messages.

I then tried to boot into Safe mode and had the same results, BSOD and a system restart.

I then powered down the system and reseated all of the cards and the memory (same results). I then swapped memory around one pair at a time (4 sticks of 1GB DIMM's) (same results). I then took out 2 of the DIMM's and had the same results. Replaced them with the 2 that I removed, same results.

I can't get the system to come up far enough to see if there are any memory dumps, let alone be able to send them to someone for analysis.

How do I go about recovering my system? I haven't tried, but I should be able to boot from my XP CD. I'm not sure what I should do once I get the CD to boot.

Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.

Have you tried a system restore to an earlier point?

Have you tried Memtest to test your ram sticks?

Have you tried booting from windows xp cd and doing an automatic system recovery?

This will reset your OS to original CD state without affecting the files, the downside of this: you will need to reinstall all windows updates.

4GB of Ram is too much for XP, 2 - 3 gigs is the sweet spot for XP.

Thanks for the info Heeter. No, I didn't try an alternate restore point nor did I test the memory (I got totally frustrated and went to bed as I worked on this for several hours). I will probably try the start from the last known good configuration. If this doesn't fix the problem, can I go back to the configuration that is in place now?

I have an update though.

I was researching my problem and came upon a post that showed how to stop XP from automatically restarting after a crash. I did this and found that the problem is actually the following:

STOP: 0x000035 (0x8A64EE70, 0x00000000, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)

Further research shows that this was supposed to be fixed with SP3, which I have been running since it was released.

I also found that this can occur if you have 3 or more AV products installed. I don't, I only have the Norton suite that is provided free by Comcast.

I found a Microsoft KB article that said that you can increase the storage by modifying a value in the Registry. My problem is that I can't get the system up far enough to access the registry.

I haven't changed anything on my system recently.

I'm still at a loss. :cry:
Create a BARTPE cd/dvd then you can get to your dump and any other files you wish to.

XP will run with 4GB ram as I dual boot Win 7 64 and XP 32 bit with 4 GB ram.
Hi AZ,

I didn't mention that it didn't work with XP, it is just too much for XP to recognize. Should of worded it a little better, though.

As for this type of error, BSOD, I have always found it a little easier to backup a machine to an earlier state, than to try to diagnose it. You tried moving/removing sticks around, so you know that it is a driver/software issue now, so restore to before it started crashing on you.

If the restore doesn't work, the machine just stays where you started before the restore.

I was in a similar position a long time ago, kept researching, but finally decided to restore instead of wasting my time trying to chase soooo many loose ends and what-ifs.

Your call.

I'm going to get BartPE and have it ready for the next time that this happens.

I ran the repair last night and I can now get to my desktop :)! Windows is complaining about a missing .msi file for something called Desktop Viewer. A little research showed that this is for my HP all-in-one printer.

As far as the comment on the memory, no problem! I built this machine about 3 years ago and have had 4 GB the whole time. I knew when I bought it that XP could only recognize and use some of it. On my system, it recognizes 3.25GB. I bought it in case I decide to upgrade to a system that can use it.

Thanks for your suggestions Heeter & AZ, I very much appreciate them.

Sounds like HDD beginning to go bad. Boot to the ultimate boot cd and run diagnostics on your drives?

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