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OWN UP NOW!! Computer Darwin Awards are here!


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Borrowing on Grinders Thread in 'Jokes' I propose a Darwin award scheme for Computers and those who use them.

I'll go first:

Whilst I was offshore a while back I spent about an hour on the telephone explaining to my wife how to use the internet. Things never really got off the ground and through increasing frustrations I figured that my Missus must be completely inept as she couldn't even get the system to connect!

Only after I'd hung up did I realsise that....

how could she connect whilst I was gabbing to her on the phone?


Now we need some more examples of gross ineptitude at the keyboard...
When I was a little boy (14 years), I wondered what that little red 230/115 switch was for. While the computer (not mine :p) was on, I put it to the test. You must know that in Holland we use 230 V for normal electricity and I think you can imagine what happened next... I didn't touch a computer for two years after then!


Last year in college, my roomate left a hard drive sitting out on a table in our room. One of my friends came in the room and saw that there was a 4-pin connector with a wall plug on the other end. (My roomate had made this modded cable for his water bong pump.) (Can you see where this is going???) He then proceeded to plug in the cord to the wall and then connected the other end to the hard drive. Yes, you read that right...that is 120w of power into the hard drive. Needless to say the hard drive blew up...Literally, it made a bright flash and the power went off in our room.

Shamus MacNoob

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Its true

Ok I was sitting at the computer trying to teach my aunt how to use a computer, she was thinking of getting one, so as I explained a little about this and that , and showed her some of the basic key functions, and explained a few of the things we need to know , like the control panel, the programs list, things like this, I thought it was going rather well, but I was at the helm!! so I moved over and connected the computer to the net, so we could surf a little , was going to show her the www.>>>>>here it is I said "ok pointing with my finger to the moniter put the mouse here and click " she picked it up placed it on the screen YES thats right on the damn moniter and said its not working !!

oh well guess I am not a teacher lolol


my first computer was a 386 with 8k of memory... when pentium 3s were out... need i say more?


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Come on Guys and Gals - there must be some real howlers out there!!

Here's another of mine, all though not a total disaster:

I spilled hot sweet coffee over a 5 1/4" floppy disk. Being desperately keen on the info stored on it I peeled it out of the jacket, washed it and placed it in a new one - the disk worked fine and with no bad sectors at all!

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