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Overheating problem



Ouch! I think I figured out the problem on my system... (in reference to: XP Hardlock with High Pitch sound)

I updated to the latest version of the Asus temp monitor program, and I'm getting 77C (idle) temps for the cpu. (On the old version it was saying 55-60). I'm likely to believe the newer version is more accurate. The mobo temp is sitting at 30C.

I played a couple of graphic intensive games, and the temp got up to 88C in about 10 minutes.

I opened the case, and noticed my rubber bands holding IDE cables nice and neat dry rotted, and the cables fell down, killing a bit of air flow. With case open, the temp dropped to 69C in about 4 minutes.

Checked out my fans, all seem good. Reapplied new thermal grease (the old stuff was dried). Fixxed up all the cables, killed some dust bunnies, etc and put everything back together.

I'm still getting 72C on idle and up to 84C with graphic intense programs.

I've got standard 80mm fans on both intake (lower front) and output (upper back). The CPU fan is a 40mm on top a regular heat sink. Nothing special there, but I don't see why it would not be enough. I even tried to make a shroud for the CPU fan to the output fan. About a 1C difference so not really the answer.

The whole time the mobo temp is constant at 30C

The thing is this system is actually underclocked as well. It's a XP 1800, which if I read right should be doing 1.53Ghz, but it's only at 1.47Ghz.

So now my question is this: In about a month or two I'm upgrading case, mobo, cpu, and fans. In the mean time what would be a decent temporary fix for this? Or should I even worry about it? And what would it be that causing this?

Thank in advance for any info.


Get a new heatsink.

You can get a decent one now that you can transfer over to your new CPU.

Volcano 9's are quite nice.

40mm HSF on a freakin' XP 1800+.... well... uh.... DUHH

get a new HSF. No ifs or buts. Those temps are FAR too high.

I worry when mine gets about 65 degrees let alone 72 idle... fark!!!!


My bad, it's a 60mm fan! Bad typo. I'd say duh on 40mm as well.

Looking at the volcano's now..

Dont take this the wrong way....but have you checked your cooler is on the right way ? with the step in the coolers face matching the one on the motherboard...as i have seen this a few times in the past and its easily done!.
Also, touch the heatsink. Did you burn your fingers? If not, the new temps are probably wrong. 72+C feels really hot.

XP Abuser

do what i do and run your case open i.e take side panels off. make sure you dont go putting your feet in there if its under your desk:D


Well if you actually hit 88c you probably would have done damage to the CPU. I believe that temp is above the melting point for parts of a CPU.
Have you tried checking the temps with a different program?


Thanks for the checks.

Fan direction is good.
Actually, the cover is off, however due to positioning onder the desk the side wall of the desk makes a cover for it. I've got it about an inch away, which makes for about 8 inchs of foot room. Yes, this desk sucks, but limited room in here. :(
The inch clearance helps though by about 5C.

Recommend a good free temp checker?

I borrowed a friends elecronic thermometer and the ambient air temp at intake fan just inside the case is 22C (Yes, a warm room) and the air temp outside the case by the main outtake fan is 34C. Does this tell anyone anything? It's not got proper probes for really indepth temp reading. (This is with closed case)

I'm going to end up order the Volcano 9 if I can't find something equal at the local computer shop. Going to look tomorrow.

Firstly 88C has damaged your CPU, secondly, look at the swiftech heatsinks, then get a nice quiet fan, the overall result should be a quieter and cooler PC. Thirdly, get some Arctic Silver III I swear by this stuff.

You should also check using a torch (flashlight, I speak american too :p ) check that the CPU and heatsink actually contact each other when the thermal compound is present, also if you check this before application you can get an idea of how much you will need.
Your case, ambient and MB temos are all fine so its not a case cooling issue.

Its either the monitor program or the HFS.

Open your bios when you start up (hit del key). Somewhere in there on an asus (and most other MB) you will find voltages and temeprature readings. Also, sifsoft sandra will provide voltages and temperatures. I think it has a free trial. I lost track...

If the temp is rising that fast it means the sink is not sitting flat on the cpu or the fan is not turning fast enough. I vote for not sitting flat because i've seen that personally (ooops).

Not flat option 1 - your put the sink on backwards.

sink |__________________i---------------'
cpu socket | |
The steps have to line up.

Not flat option 2 - the spring clip that attaches to the socket plastic tabs has V in it that is off center


The senter of the v needs to be over the cpu or the heatsink sits crooked. This is caused by someone taking the HSF apart for cleaning and putting it back together wrong (yes I did that once).

The CPU temps jumped up 25-30 degrees. Fortunately I did not fry the CPU.

ASCII drawing is a lost art ;)


Firstly, thanks to everyone for advice and guidance.

Turns out the temps I think were correct. That's bad, however, I did solve the problem. replacing the heatsink and fan.

I nicked one from a freind.. oh, sorry.. I'm supposed to be american.. I stole a heatsick/fan from a friend (he wasn't using it) to see if it would work better. It's a Volcano 8SE. I'm getting a CPU temp of 56C now. I've not pushed it to the limit yet, but this is a vast improvement already.

I'm off to play a couple games to test the load now.. I'll report back on max temp.



For what it is worth, I've got a Volcano 9 on an AMD 1900+ right now and it tends to run at 50-51c idle and around 56-59c at full load. Temperature in the case runs around 34-38c. I'm not all that impressed with the heatsink as even at these temps I've got it going full blast (5400rpm) and it is quite loud. Most of the reviews I've read indicate much better heatsinks on the market. Here is one link with a round up of Heatsinks and fans. Hope this is helpful...

65 Socket A Cooler Round-Up

Good luck,
I have the Volcano 7+ on medium speed setting with an Athlon XP 2400+, and it NEVER goes above 40°C. No matter what I am doing, it's not over clocked at all. :)


After spending half the night "testing" ;) games, I've got stable numbers. I'm getting a max of 62C and my idle temp has stablized at 59C. However, my mobo temp had increased to constant 38C (idle and under load). Is this something to wory about?

Overall, I'm happier now that the CPU temp is way down. Either way, I'm thinking this is decent enough to get by until my upgrade in about a month or so, though.

Additional input welcome however.



Nissan Powered
Originally posted by shaunj66
I have the Volcano 7+ on medium speed setting with an Athlon XP 2400+, and it NEVER goes above 40°C. No matter what I am doing, it's not over clocked at all. :)

you have to remember your temps are based on climate to where I live durning the summer it gets about 10 -15 outside which will make your computer run at about 130 IDLE!! (I don't know cel.) and about 140 something under full load. but on the other hand durning the winter it gets like way cold outside (we get ice but no snow!!) and it will run in the high 90's

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