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It's funny what people say when they are mad. Last night, I found that I had my ex's old Maxtor. So I hook it up, and it's dead. So I tell her, your HDD is dead. She knows **** about computers, but this was her rave:

" Why is it dead? Did you overclock it just for fun like you do to everything " Did you? You over clocked it for fun didn't you? Why the f8ck ? "

Sorry, I had to post that, just when I was reading her IM, I was laughing my face off.


that's the first time i hear that it's posible to o/c HD. doesnt it make it fit in more stuff or something :)


Originally posted by Nick M
Did you overclock it just for fun like you do to everything "
I've heard that ohh so many times ;) and this one too :

"Why do you have to take everything apart?"

Nick M

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" "Why do you have to take everything apart?" "

Because, when I was little and my parents were rich, they encouraged me to take apart whatever I wanted, as long as it was not plugged in. I remember doing in a TV, two video recorders, a camera, a table ( screwed the legs off ) and well, I tinkered with things. It was cool. I loved it. Also, Legos were the best, I had tons of those, you could build something, smash it, and put it back together. ah I remember getting my first computer when I was really small...thats one thing I didn't take apart.
lol THATS WHY :)

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