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Overclocking n00b help


"Anything for $50!"
Hey guys. My first post here in a while is gonna be a barrage of questions. Any help is appreciated.

Relevant System Specs
MSI KT333 Ultra with FSB at 133 (BIOS at 5.7)
AMD 2200+
Koolace Water Cooled Case (With attatchments for processor and graphics card)
512 megs of 333 Samsung RAM

1. Should I overclock? Not just my chip, (I don't think I wanna "unlock" it) but my FSB or things like that.

2. How? (In Layman's terms please. I'm a semi-geek.)

3. I have the new Fuzzy Logic version. (Overclocking utility from MSI) I do NOT have a proc fan since it's water-cooled, but it still says a speed. What do I do about it? Will it effect anything?

4. My proc-based thermal probe says my temp is usually 35-36 Celcius when gaming. Fuzzy Logic says my temp is 46 Celcius when gaming. Why?

5. Should I use the auto-clock feature on Fuzzy Logic? Good idea?

6. What are my chances on screwing stuff up?

7. Should I get a fan for my northbridge? It didn't ship with one, but...

8. Can I stick a 3000+ in my board or will it crap out? What are it's limits?

I need safe speeds! All other info is available on request. I really appreciate this!
1) if you have a wather cooling system, my answer is hell yea.
2) in your BIOS, up your FSB and lower your MULTIPLYER. thats how its done, search the fourms for a complete in depth article on overclocking.
3) that could be reading a case fan you have plugged into the same spot.
4) thats odd, could be the program. only way to know for sure is to place a thermal diod there yourself and look for a reading.
5) do it from your BIOS, i don't trust a software overclocker, too many things can go wrong. but thats just me, try what you want and see if what you prefer. i like manual, i feel like i have more control
6) if you do it manual, the system will not boot if the FSB is set too high, neither will windows. soft overclocking (i think that is the term for going through the BIOS to overclock, instead of physical jumpers) is a lot safer for that reason. if your water cooling system stops working, then yes you have a problem. i would monitor your temps closly for a week after you over clock, and make sure that you have a cpu threshold set.
7) if you want to, i would not reccomend it. i think that the silver one they give you is enough. i have a 2400+ with the FSB at 167, and it runs fine temp wise.
8) a 3000+ will work, but overclock your current card to those speeds.

as for your safe speeds, at overclockers.com i found:
1979MHz 1.75v MSI KT3 Ultra 2

hope that you can understand what i wrote. if you got any questions, ask away. how do you like that koolance water cooling system?


"Anything for $50!"
Whoo! Posted this on about 6 forums and this is the only good answer I got. I really appreciate the help! Love the watercooling by the way. Quiet as hell and stylin'.

Also, thanks for the safe speed. I'll just leave it at 1975 and 1.75 volts. Should be cool? My BIOS is confusing as hell with certain options though. Know of a guide?
i dunno or a guide. what is the name of your BIOS?

as for overclocking, your current settings are 13.5*133=1795.5~1.8GHz or 2200+. i would up your front side bus in small incriments. like next try 135, 158, 140, 144, see what it can do. i was able to get my 2400+ to 172*13.

the other guy, if he used a multiplyer of 13, set a FSB setting of 151. see if you can get to 166.


"Anything for $50!"
Well. I bumped up the multiplier to 15 to get 2000mhz and changed the voltage to 1.75. Damn thing didn't boot. No VGA output. I switched the jumper on my BIOS but still no luck. I had to take out the freakin' battery!
Anyway, it works again. What'd I do wrong? I haven't modded my equipment AT ALL. Do I need to unlock my proc or something like that?


"Anything for $50!"
Clocked too high? All of the overclocking sites said that they got theirs higher. One guy got his up to 2900! 1933 even stops mine from going despite supposedly being pre-unlocked.
Should I do more that just change the multiplier/voltage? Should I do the FSB?

What exactly should my settings be at for a safe, worthwhile overclock?


hardware monkey
are you sure your processor is unlocked? if you didn't unlock it, you can't make any changes to the multiplier. if you try, it won't boot. from now on just mess with the fsb, unless you know for a fact that your processor is unlocked.

as for a bios guide, this one's pretty good:

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