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overclocking my card


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i got that coolbits registry thing. but before i go ahead with anything i jus want to know if its worth it. what will it actually improve... graphics, performance, speed or what????

whats the chances i will cause damage to the card?

has any1 else overclocked their card and seen a good improvement, if so what setting do u have it on?


mike forcer


I may actually be insane.
I'm not an expert on this, but from my own personal experience the gain is minimal (unless you're a picky arse-hole who cares more about benchmarking your hardware rather than actually using it!) and the risk of damaging the card is higher than doing nothing, but not critical as long as you don't push it too much :)

I'm sure others know more about this than me, I don't think minor adjustments can do any harm, but there's really no point..


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I'm fairly experienced in this. The difference can be quite significant in some games - smoother gameplay and higher frame rate. You'd have to put a blow torch to a video card to destroy it. Almost impossible to destroy it with overclocking. Use the autodetect optimal clock rate with coolbits then play around with the figures. If you can run 3dmark03 several times without locking up or graphical artifacts then you've found the sweet spot. After that you can leave the settings alone and there won't be any degradation. I've overclocked video cards for over a decade now with no problems. And all cards still run smoothly. The worst that could happen is that you need to reboot and reset the frequencies by pressing ctrl during startup. The performance gain for games is far larger from overclocking the video card than the CPU.


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i'm not sure there is an autodetect button, maybe i need an updated version of it? i aint home right now so i cant check but i didnt see one when i was overclocking.

would there be an increase in graphics? or just performance



Tomorrow Tweaking Today
Once you have applied coolbits you'll have a new clock frequencies Tab under Advance display properties Geforce xx. There'll be an auto-detect button here. There's no improvement in graphics - just performance. Though for the same speed you can have better graphics - depends on your settings.


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i have no auto detect button as u can seen in the screenie but thats what my settings are at right now, can u reccomend a suitable ammount for it?

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