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Overclocking CPU


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I have a AMD Athlon XP 2500 at 1.83Ghz

how do I overclock, and how much can I overclock without troubles?

you can move up the FSB in the bios and also for that chip you will need to up the voltage too but not by much at all.

that CPU i have been able to get it easly to 2.2 a vantec heatsink on it


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I'm pretty sure I have the basic default heatsink that came with the cpu. I'm not exactly sure how 2 do this, I know how to get the the BIOS, duh but what do I change exatcly. I'm assuming its not writen as 1.82 etc etc, more complicated right?


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Read this


Now they start with a bunch of the blah blah about the damn chips (CPUs). If ya want just scroll down to almost the bottom of the page (to the Overclocking heading) and begin reading. Now it looks like they are using the 3000+ but it should go the same for your 2500+. Hope it helps.

Oh, and this guy has an image of the WCPUID showing all pertinent info


And this one could help also



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I tryed overclocking to 2.2, which is the only other option above the one already choosen. Windows dosen't load. Why can't I overclock?
1) Whether a chip overclocks or not is a crap shoot. Some do some don't. You can typically get 5-10% but some chips do not overclcok at all.

2) The MB and Bios have to be overclocking friendly to get good results. That means CPU voltage adjust, FSB adjustable in 1% steps, AGP/PCI/PCI-e clock speeds must be independent of the FSB speed, RAM clock speed must be independently adjustable wrt the FSB, a software overclocking utility included and good thermal protection. Note many "name brand" PCs do not allow any overclocking.

You step the FSB up 1% at a time, run a burn in utility (sisoft sandra has one) and run the system for 20 minutes watching the CPU temperature. If it stays stable you increase it another 1% and repeat. You can jump it 2-3% at a time but it adds more risk of crashes and/or data loss.

If the AGP/PCI/PCI-e clocks are not independent of the FSB DO NOT OVERCLOCK. Video cards are much less tolerant of damage than CPUs and RAM.

If your RAM speed is tied to the FSB speed overclocking may not work. If it doesn't you have to relax the ram chip timing settings in bios.

Software overclocking is best if your MB supports it becasue if you mess up you just reboot with minimal risk. If you overclock the Bios then you have to do a CMOS reset which can wipe the Bios on older MB's.


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My system

AMD Athlon XP 2500 1.83GHz
1GB Ram
Matrox Millenium G550
Crap motherboard, don't even know who makes it or anything.

I don't think anything else is important??
It's not the Athlon XP itself. The chips usually can overclock at least a little bit.

You should check your temperatures of your CPU when you're in the Bios. And see if it's running pretty warm. You probably have the stock heatsink which sadly does not cool all that well. So the best thing to do is get a new heatsink. You should also find out your motherboard. Some boards can overclock better than other ones. Could be your board is limiting the overclocking of the processor. So there's to many variables at the moment. Start narrowing them down a bit by finding out what I suggested.

Oh and nothing else on the computer is really all that important except for your Power Supply and it's wattage. Because sometimes it can't give off enough juice for an overclock.


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This is my old system, which I'm just trying to tweak things out, and I'm pretty sure it's the motherboard preventing me from overclocking.

Run cpuz.exe on it. It will usually narc on the MB details. Once we have the details on the inards of the board and bios make we can maybe help.

Remember if it's a brand name computer they usually have over clocking locked out in bios.

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