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Overclock help



I have a couple questions...first, I have a PIII 800eb, and a ABIT VT6X4 mb, and I've overclocked the fsb from 133 to 150, which is the only thing i can change, other than the core voltage. But I've read that it also changes the speed of the pci and agp bus, as well as the chipset. My question is should I be worried about ruining my ram, vid card, and pci cards? I have lots of fans so everything is cool, and I haven't had ANY crashes at all. My second question is about my BIOS. I noticed that there is a section called "DRAM Clock", it has the choices "Host CLK", "HCLK-PCICLK", HCLK+PCICLK".....which setting is correct? If I'm not being specific enuf, just let me know....I wrote this in kind of a hurry.....thanks for the help guys!

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How long your computer is OC'ed ? If the pc never crashes nor freezes, that's ok ! If your temps are cool (you said you have good cooling), no worry, that's ok !

As for 'DramCLK', I'm not sure... I'd try "HCLK-PCICLK", seems like it will run pci buses as if you were still @133 fsb, and it would be better like this. Use Sisoft Sandra to check at what speed run your pci, it might answer your question about your 'DramCLK' settings...

Hope I were of some help for you...


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yeah, fsb changes pci and agp frequencies. so, at 150fsb, they're both running at about 37mhz instead of their usual 33mhz. but, if you're getting away with it with no problems, don't worry about it, i guess.

your host clock is 133 (well, 150 now actually, but 133 is simpler to explain). HCLK-PCICLK (133-33) = pc100 memory. regular HCLK is pc133, and HCLK+PCICLK would be pc166, but i can't be over pc133. that's only for fsb's at 100mhz.


Hi every body, just a correction here
AGP bus running at 2/3 of FSB speed and PCI running at 1/3 FSB speed.
so if your FSB speed is 133 Mhz AGP will Be 89 MHz & PCI 33 Mhz
and when you overclock it to 150Mhz AGP speed will be increased to 100 Mhz & PCI speed will be icreased to 50 Mhz.


My comp has been overclocked for like a month now running 24/7. I haven't had it crash even once! I am just worried about ruining my pci cards and ram. How can I tell if everything is running fine before everything just dies? Is there any benefits to having my pci cards run at a faster speed? Is there ANY way to unlock a Pentium III? I hate the fact that I can only change the FSB, guess it's time to buy an AMD. Peace.


To Poser:

when PCI bus runs at faster transfer freqency that means theoretecally that you can transfer more data.
as for PIII processors unfortunately all pentium processors are multiplier bolcked, so the only way to overclock the PIII processor is to rais FSB speed or you may rais the core voltage a little bit so you can gaine more speed and stability.

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