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Currently, my mail comes in through Outlook Express. However, I want it to be controlled by Outlook. I have been unable to switch control and feel pretty stupid. Any suggestions?:confused:


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just use the outlook express export option, export all your data, then do a import within outlook, and set up your mailboxes and such and remove your mailbox settings from outlook express, and there ya go :)


guys am i crazy but i actually like outlook express better than outlook XP

try change my mind !



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Originally posted by zman
guys am i crazy but i actually like outlook express better than outlook XP

try change my mind !

I use Outlook 2002 not XP. I think there are more features on Outlook as opposed to Express. The calander is my savyor lol, my memory is shot and my kids have too much going on for me to remember. Plus I can sync my PDA with Outlook but not Express.



Express all the way...outlook is to slow and annoying...althought if i had a palm or handspring actually i would use outlook xp


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outlook is slow? My outlook as soon as a click on it opens in under 5 seconds and checking my mail takes another 2 (when comcasts mail server are working that is heh) in fact it's one of the few programs i've never had a slowdown from!


I'm sorry Hal...
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I use outlook, but when I first got xp I used express and when I decided to switch to outlook the first time I ran it it asked me if I wanted to used the settings from express, so I did and that was it!

Although I do feel kind of a guilty useing outlook because since I first started using email (many years ago) I have been using Peagus Mail which I thin is great and also requires acutal knowledge (therefor makes you lok cleaver!) to use as oppsoed to OLE which is super simple. But i gave it up becuase I just can't be bothered

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