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Outlook taking really long!!


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Just formated yesterday and now my Outlook express takes forever to open. Anybody know how to solve this?
I have DSL if it matters!


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try updating to outlook express 6, your connection shouldn't have anything to do it, go to windowsupdate and download the rest of windows updates...seems like a memory problem


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There are 2 known issues when you remove Windows Messenger. The first is when you load Outlook Express and use the Contacts pane. This causes OE to try to load Messenger, it can't and this causes a long delay. The Registry entry that corrects this is:
crosoft\Outlook Express\Hide Messenger
A DWord value of 2 prevents OE from trying to load it.

The second is that Hotmail's web site will load extremely slowly if Messenger is removed. It’s the same type of hang that OE experiences.

The fix is to rename (leave the field blank)

This removes the reference to the object that Hotmail tries to load, it fails, but it doesn't hang.


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I found it ! I had applyed a tweak that would hide the messenger so i think that outlook couldn't find it so i removed the option. I've reverted the tweak and unchecked the "Start messenger" and now everything is back to normal !!
Thanks guys !

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I have messenger installed but don't want it. All I did was to rename the Messenger folder to MessengerOff & that stops it popping up wanting to connect when you open outlook express. I leave it there inactive rather than remove it .


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I actually am having this problem now, there is no 4th option as that was the one I was originally looking for. I didn't remove messenger, instead I renamed it MessengerOff, but that was after the problem began occuring.

What is the EXACT registery to totally stop it? The one you put has a big ass space in it, I dunno if it's missing anything, and it doesn't work when I filled it in, Tell me exactly where to go, what to create, etc please.
Sounds like you are lookin for this.

In your registry expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Policies\Microsoft.

From the edit menu select New and Key.

Type Messenger as the name of the new entry.

With new Messenger key selected, again access your Edit menu, click New, and select Key again.

Type Client as the name of the new key. The Client key should nest beneath the Messenger key.

Again with the newly created Client key selected, click Edit, New, and DWORD Value from the menu.

Type PreventRun for this value. A new item should appear in the area on the right with the name PreventRun and of the type REG_DWORD.

Right-click PreventRun and select Modify from the context menu.

In the Value Data field in the box that opens, change the 0 to a 1. Click OK.

Close the Reg Editor and reboot. Messenger may still appear in your programs list but it wont run.

This is how I used to gt rid of messenger, but I reformat so often now that I prefer to use the above mentioned way of renaming the folder to messengeroff. Quick and easy and it doesnt slow down OE. (Not that I use OE)


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Thanks man. The one key however that had Hide Messenger, space and all worked. I was a bit wary in the beginning because I thought it was a user error when they put the space, but it wasn't. Now the splash is still coming up, I took precautions to remove it but they didn't work lol, at least OE is opening up a bit faster. There used to be this guide on the TWO defining registry fixes which I adored, but now I can't find them anymore lol.

I don't even know what caused it to be slow in the first place, I didn't rename Messenger to MessengerOFF until afterwards. Just dunno what caused it. *Sighs*

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