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Outlook mail says full/it's empty


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I am a new user to outlook and the mailbox kicks back a message to the sender saying my mailbox is full but there's not a single thing in it. I have checked my folders ... all empty except my contacts which only has 98kb in it. The message that gets kicked back to the sender says this is a 'permanent error'. Any suggestions??? :speechless:
you might have an unbelievably small quota set on your mailbox. I'd recommend contacting your email service provider and asking them to check into it.


OSNN One Post Wonder
Is there any way I can check the size before contacting the service provider? It just takes them FOREVER....last time I had an issue, I was on the phone with them for 2 hours and got nowhere! If it were up to me, and it's not, I would change providers. But this is my company email I'm talking about and NO ONE else in the office has a problem with their email so it makes me wonder if theres a setting or something not right on mine.
There may be a control panel your company uses. Talk to your IT guy and see if he can check. Else you'll need to call/email the provider.


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thanks for the help. Guess I'll contact the provider as none of us here in the office knows anything about the control panel. We don't have an "IT guy".


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Do you have a webmail? It's possible your Outlook isn't configured correctly do download your e-mail therefore it's showing that your Outlook is empty when it may actually have messages on the server you can't/aren't downloading. Login to webmail and see if it's any different. Also keep in mind that subfolders within your inbox, as well as sent and deleted items count towards a quota.


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Are we talking about a work account? Do you know if you are connected to an exchange server?

A couple of suggestions:

1) Make sure your deleted items is empty (this happens to me a lot)

2) Click on your folder list (if outlook 2003 or above). Look for a folder called 'Mailbox - Your Name'. Is this the same folder that has your inbox, calendar, contacts underneith it? or is there a "differeent" inbox and calendar.

If it's different check the size of these files/folders. Your quota is based on the contents of these folders, although, you might have your mail delivered automatically to a personal file, there may be items on this folder that need cleaned up.

Try calculating the folder size of the top most folder you have by right clicking on it and choosing properities. Look a tthe Total size including subfolders and compare that number to the limit usually shown in the rejection email.

If the numbers match or are close and it is small as you say 98kb then as was previously mentioned it is probably a misconfiguration of quota on the mail server.

Hope this helps.

Here are some instructions on archiving that may help as well


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