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Hello whenever i do a reinstall of xp I lose all my outlook information(address and messages). Does outlook save these things anywhere or are they just lost. I really would like to have everything back as some of it was pretty important.

Sorry to say it, but what is lost is lost. In the future you can go to this location:

X:\Documents and Settings\(User Name)\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\{4EE96ED2-7E97-47D9-9851-E3D38D882E37}\Microsoft\Outlook Express

X being the drive letter of your XP installation and (User Name) being your user name.

Copy the entire folder "Outlook Express" to a safe location, preferrably another partition or drive, before you do a reinstall and then when you're back up and running you can open Outlook Express, Go to File> Import> Messages... and choose "Microsoft Outlook Express 6 (or earlier versions if applicable) and it will allow you to restore all your messages from the directory you saved (the outlook express folder you saved).

That's what i do when i'm "planning" a clean install. I know that doesn't help with what you've already lost, but i hope it may help you next time.
and also there is another way...

From Options>Maintenance there is a button called "store folder" and when you click that you can chnage the folder to anyone you like. So you choose a folder on other partition and never lose your mails again.
Now that's slick xarux. I just changed mine to another partition. thx.
you welcome dudes

you know what? I didn't want to post that tip because I thougt it was an old and known one. But now I see it still works and people need it. Stay cool.
Nice 1!

heh never spotted that "Store Folder" b4! Nice work... always learn a new things every day :)

That Power Desk is the coolest. Thanx for the tip

I don't know if this is public knowledge or not, but I use the file and settings transfer wizard to save all my settings and data to another partition.
i have no idea why anyone uses outlook, and ive got a couple good reasons why:

1) a good portion of viruses are written for outlook users.
2) its bloated ms-ware
3) there are better clients available.

i personally use a program called pegasus mail. have been for a long time, i find it to be a nice, light alternative to outlook. only takes up about 4mb of ram from what i can see. check it out if you dont like outlook.
you are right, MS office in general is a high target for virus attacks. I have had to disinfect several clients machines and reinstall most of their ofice apps. I did use it but after my McAfee VS caught several virus attacks on it, I got rid of it.

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