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Outlook Express Question


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I have the Outlook Bar showing on my Outlook Express opening page. When e-mail arrives in my Inbox the number of unread mail shows on the Inbox Icon. I have made other folders, and added them to the Outlook Bar, and have set rules that certain mail goes directly into these boxes, but the amount of unread mail in these boxes doesn't show. Is this an option anywhere?
I never actually figured out how to get the folders linked to the outlook bar, so always use the folder view instead.

Fair enough, its not quite as graphical as the outlook bar, but it does show how many unread emails are in each folder.

It is possible that the folders are being added to the outlook bar as shortcuts and therefore cannot get that kind of information to view unless the actual folder was listed there (instead of the shortcut). However, having never worked it out, I cant be too sure.

Hope that is of help...


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